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Psychological tricks to help you lose weight – My WordPress

Psychological tricks to help you lose weight

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After a humongous meal of your Sunday cheat day and a blotted stomach, you decide its essential for you to lose those extra pounds. You scroll through your Instagram feeds following those fashion models in their tanned bikini body and choose enough of the junk food, you would lose weight and wear your favorite clothes you have meant to for a while. The first thing you do is check out all the healthy meal preps and remove all the fast foods from your kitchen. But as soon as you get over with Wednesday salad, your motivation starts to fade, and your diet seems like climbing Mount Everest. Searching through the zillions of diets doesn’t help as each routine seems much complex than the other one. Meanwhile, we have been doing our research to find out the psychological tricks to lose weight. Some might sound absurd, but you need to give it a try to experience what wonders it can do. 

  1. Eat alone 

No, our intention is not to make you antisocial, or not to have a life, but eating alone can be therapeutic while losing weight. When we sit with a group of friends and family, we often overindulge more than what we are supposed to. More than half of the time, our mothers or family members try to slide in an extra piece because we are just too thin and flimsy in their eyes. Even if you have to eat in a group, try to sit at the end of the table where your hands are far from your favorite snack. While having a pleasant conversation with your loved ones, we often eat more than our portion size, so it is intelligent to sit alone, and calorie counts.

  1. Go banana 

Yes, smelling banana and green apples can impact on the food you eat. Our minds register smell as whether the food is appetizing or not. The sweet, neutral smell of these foods can make our brains think it has already eaten, thus helping you lose weight.

  1. Start kidding 

You have previously heard that laughing is the best medicine, but can it impact weight loss? The answer is yes, it can. Laughing increases the metabolism of the body and can help your body digest the food better. And we aren’t kidding here. Laughter is the best medicine for all health problems, including releasing the stress from your body and helps you loosen up. And that can increase your body functionality, and you would feel lighter and more energetic than ever.

  1. Eat blue

Blue can be your favorite color, but it’s not your appetite’s best friend. You can use it for your advantage. Blue reduced the appetite and made you feel fuller. So the next time you see blueberries or brinjal, think no more to grab it. A popular belief is that blue food is filled with antioxidants and necessary vitamins. Psychology of color states that blue color suppresses the appetite and is suitable for portion control. You can start by changing the lighting of your dining room and colors to blue. You can also opt for blue cutlery and napkins. 

  1. Get yourself a mirror 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, did I lose anything at all?

It is easy to indulge in an extra bite of your favorite cheesecake, but not when you are the one watching it through a mirror. Spending an abnormal amount of time in front of your mirror can cause mental illness, but while eating the scenario can be different. You can watch yourself eat from a 3rd person perspective, which will make your french fries look a little less appetizing.

  1. Be your weight loss buddy.

Talking to yourself and having a positive perspective towards your diet is even more important to be your friend. Talk to yourself. It boasts positive reinforcement and confidence, which can trick your mind in eating healthier and losing weight.

  1. Unsubscribe mukbang channels

The major buzzkill for your diet motivation is those mukbang channels and food blogs that show delicious fatty food eating that would make you go crazy and forget about all your diet plans. Subscribing healthy eating and exercise channels or lifestyle channels can help you stay focused on your goal and shed those extra pounds. 

  1. Try recipes with spices. 

Who said healthy food couldn’t be tasty? Adding spices to your food can send impulses to your brain that it is full. And it can make boring food taste better, which would help you stick to your diet food.

Losing weight is essential, but it is even more critical to have a positive relationship with food. It is acceptable to indulge in some delicacies, but exercising and portion sizing is essential.



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