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Our Mission

In the fast moving world, where everyone wants to be their best self, why should you compromise when it comes to our body? 

You want to look beautiful, and you also want to feel beautiful in the process. The road is tough, with lot of sweating and starving, but “Healthy and Happy” is here to introduce a better way. The tools and strategies that we provide are hassle free with no cuttings in food or extra training sessions. This formula is going to help you lose the extra kilos, and get to the shape you desire. 

“Healthy and Happy” follows a three step technique that will help you reach your goal. 3 steps to looking healthier, and being happier.

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Difference that we make

We aspire to make our program affordable, so that everyone can feel beautiful. For customers like you, who want to avoid monthly membership fees and want to lose weight by following a simple routine, we have the solution.

How we help

We assign you a mentor, who will guide you through your fitness regime. This will make you more confident and you will be able to open up and do better.
Easy to follow meal plans, that don’t pressurize you into change your food habits yet help you eat healthier. The food charts will also keep you notified on the benefits and motivate you to follow the plan to become successful by taking time to time supplements.
Free access to our public groups, that help you connect with more people, and make friends on the journey to be fitter. Making friends and sharing stories help in building a feeling of togetherness, which help ion the long way.

Company Name

Sydney, Australia - +12 345 6788 90



We follow three steps to goodness. 3 easy steps make people feel less burdened and also is a complete tracking regime that accelerates better results.

The first lap ( 3 days)

During this step, you will be advised to eat healthy. We will provide a list of healthy and nutritious food that will be introduced into your diet. This will start your journey on a more nutritious path. This will continue for a time of 3 days. No strict calorie count will be required for this first lap. These first 3 days is the move towards changing your meal method. The focus of the step 1 or the first lap is to cut the sugar and carbohydrate intake. We will remove these two food types to heal your gut. These 3 days will prepare your body for the next step.

Fat loss and Detox

This step lasts for 27 days. This is a longer process than the first one. However, depending on the way your body reacts to this step, the step time can also increase for an additional 10 days. This is the major detox and weight loss step. The meals will be calorie checked, with a strict calorie count on the go. Your body will be forced to start burning the extra fat. This step might sound strict and hard, but it is easy to follow. Moreover, we also provide special diet plans for those, who have strict dietary requirements. Nutritional supplements will be provided during this step, to keep up your energy level, and also curb your appetite. This being a low calorie step, supplements are a must, to help keep your body functional.

The final step

You can also call this the maintenance step. The time duration of this step varies according to the number of rounds you subscribe for. This also a vital step on your journey, as your body will be taught to keep up the weight loss. We reduce the supplements and re-introduce the previous food groups to help you understand the process of being healthy.  This is the final link in the chain, which will make your body remain fit.

Why Us

We at “Healthy and Happy” provide you with tools to fight the excessive weight gain. There are no extra shakes, or difficult routines of starvation. We move forward in a biological way following the rules of natural fruits and vegetables. It is easy to follow and the difference is visible within a few days range.  

We follow a detailed meal plan, to carefully curate a food regime filled with highly nutritional supplements, to keep your body working. The meal plan will not adversely affect your body, as it is planned by the health experts in our group. 

We rest and repair the gut by mono easting and the modified calorie intake is sustainable, as we help your body cope up by providing the best nutrition available in the market. The core supplements will keep your body on track and will replenish the lost food groups. Thus all our steps are well documented and well informed to follow a plan that does not adversely affect your body.

We are offering something, which is going to help almost everyone, by changing their lives and helping them to reach their healthy body goal. It involves one time purchase of our supplement products that guide you on your healthy journey.

What we provide

We provide several utilities, once you undertake our programme.

Additional advantage

Our plan is also suited for people who are,


Seek medical help of health professionals, if you are on medications. This will help you make a careful choice. Seeking professional help will help you understand whether your body will be able to undertake this regime. 

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