About Us

We at “Happy and Healthy” focus on gut health, and organic products to lose weight. The struggle to starve and sweat to fit into your favorite dress is, now history. We provide more planned and natural solutions to your weight problems.
A more natural, organic perspective to being healthy is a better choice. The regular motivation required to follow a diet plan is more tiring than the plan itself. Instead we provide programs that will keep you energized throughout the entire process, thus providing best results.

Our Program

Our program is not constricted to only helping you to reach the healthy shape, we also help you reach the healthy destination. Healthy destination is the point where being healthy and living healthy is your practice. It is the way of living you opt for. 

Our program revolves around a healthy and happy gut, the natural pathway to weight loss. In times of need we are asked to look within, and we start the journey from there. Gut is the key to unlocking a healthy body, and our program acts as a catalyst to the process.

What we provide ?

The process

Our process is built on easy to follow steps. We have divided the highly detailed process into three steps so that it is simpler.

Stage 1

We call it the reset mode. This is where we build your body for the journey ahead. Our program will get your appetite in control, and help you use up the stored fat. This will last for 3 days, and we will provide with organic nutritional support that will keep your body energized and turn it into a fat burning body. 

Stage 2

The final stage can also be called maintenance. Your body has achieved only part of the goal, the other half is keeping up with the weight loss. This stage is required to keep your body at the current weight and help you live a healthy and balanced life. We slowly reintroduce the additional food groups into your diet and increase the calorie intake to teach you, how to continue this lifestyle. This is the final link of the chain. This lasts for approximately 21 days. 

Stage 3

This stage includes fat loss and detox. You can also call it the body repair. The unhealthy habits are all shed during this stage. It is stretched for 27 days with additional 10 days according to your body. You will start to notice considerable change in your body and your fat will be burnt heavily during this stage. There will be a check on your calorie intake and strict check. The nutritional supplements will keep your body energy levels at optimum, for proper functioning. As this step involves heavy weight loss, it should never be attempted without the necessary supplements. 


Starting out is always the toughest part but in order to ensure a healthy body, our program will get you off the blood sugar roller coaster and get your appetite under control. During these three days you will begin your nutritional support, and quickly become a fat burning body rather than a fat storage body.

Fat loss & detox

As the days go by, you’ll begin to notice a considerable change in your body, and see your fat being burnt heavily in this second phase. The systematic diet will help you get rid of all junk food cravings. You’ll start to notice a considerable change in sugar-levels and see your hormones getting stabilised. Now you are free to continue the program with the enhanced clarity of mind.


Maintenance is designed to keep you at your current weight and keep your hormones balanced. You are now a part of the Phatt Way of Living.

Why Us

“Healthy and Happy” stands apart because of its dedication to your healthy journey.


We keep it in mind to provide you the best possible Meal Plan with Nutritional Products / Supplements.

Certified Meal Plan

Dietician approved food lists for all the stages.


Access to Unlimited Facebook Recipes as per certified Nutritionist.


A one on one mentoring facility is provided at all times.

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